Ultimate Breath: new song 'Ether'


Manuel Fdez. de Ginzo Muñoz of Ultimate Breath has released a new song titled 'Ether', which is available for streaming and for free download from his SoundCloud page. Listen below. Another song, titled 'Makut0', was posted earlier.

Stream/download the song from SoundCloud.

Greek music has played a pivotal role in the greek culture of the country since it first emerged. In antiquity, it was strongly intertwined with the Ancient Greek theater but it was also present during religious ceremonies like marriages and funerals, as well as part of the epic poetry. During the Games of Antiquity, such as the Olympic Games and the Pythian Games, music was also of particular importance. Of course, music was also present in Greek mythology; Orpheus was a master musician, played the lyre, and was so entrancing that wild beasts could be tamed. Many more references in mythology show that music was integral in the society of Ancient Greece. Some of the musical instruments that were used in Ancient Greece include the lyre, the kithara (a more complicated instrument than the lyre), the aulos (a double – pipe instrument), the Pan pipes (or panflute) and the hydraulis (the predecessor of the modern organ, and a remarkable example of technology in Ancient Greece).

Mikis Theodorakis and Manos Hadjidakis are two of the most important representatives of entechno music.

Vangelis is a world renowned Greek musician, one of the greatest composers of Greece. He is also considered the pioneer of electronic sound.

In the mid - 70s, Vangelis went to London, where he created his personal studio / workshop, thus having his own space in which he could further explore and experiment in music composition. His new songs, in which he used electronic sound even more, had international success and received rave reviews. In 1978, he collaborated with Greek actress Irene Papas in his album Ode, containing traditional Greek songs, while they had another fruitful collaboration in 1986 with the album Rhapsodies.

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